Yin and Yang are Everywhere

Last week my computer died (again)… or, well, it got pretty sick.

The culprit was a great anti-virus program that had recently stopped working on my machine. After numerous uninstalls and re-installs that didn’t work, the support staff sent me a fourth removal tool that worked too well… it removed the drivers from my OS and the whole thing had to be recreated.

Yes, I was annoyed. Angry, even. I just wanted protection from viruses. And instead I got a bigger problem.

It cost us almost $300 to repair my computer, including purchasing a new OS.

But that’s where the silver lining came in: since I had to reinstall the OS anyhow, why stick with Vista? I made the upgrade to Windows 7 which is a much better (and faster, and less glitchy, and more visually appealing) user experience.

I had to reinstall all my programs (or, I should say, I have to, since I’m still going through that process)… but I have backups of my old program files, so I can pretty much recreate all the customization I’ve done. I was sure worried about losing all my presets, favorites and keyboard shortcuts in my audio editing program, Adobe Audition, but it’s all back as good as new!

So the point is, even during the most trying of times… even when it’s something as seemingly unimportant (but oh-so-important) as a computer… even when you just can’t believe what has “happened to” you… there’s always a pro for every con.

I love seeing yin and yang make themselves so obviously known in day-to-day life.

It makes it all the more clear how everything is in equilibrium, regardless of how hard it might be to see it in the moment.

Keep Unwrapping the Mysteries of Life!