Karate or Aikido Sign Control?

Sometime a year or so ago, I wrote about warring mascots on opposite corners of a small-town street, each trying to bring attention to the signs and banners of the establishments that hired them.

Well, today in the Las Vegas valley (Henderson to be precise) I saw a “sign kid” whose exuberance put them all to shame.

He was holding a plastic banner for some store (I think it might have been a hairdresser, but it was hard to tell) and trying to get passing cars to pay attention to it.

However, the wind was whipping it around like crazy — in truth, I think this is the REAL “windy city” at times. That desert breeze can turn wild when it gets caught in the midst of the mountain perimeter.

So to fight the wind, the kid was spastically — yet enthusiastically — flinging the banner from side to side, and then throwing it forward with all his might… over and over again.

Impossible to read? Yes!

Hilarious to watch? Absolutely… he gave me my first literal LOL of the day!

He looked like the star of a really bad martial arts B-movie… the kind where they dub the voices and the sound doesn’t match the lips.

Gotta give the kid points for trying.

He sure seems to embrace the concept of “guerrilla marketing”, to the point where he was literally in a battle!

However, I feel like there might have been a better way to work with Mother Nature rather than trying to fight her.

While he was acting out a karate flick, using force against force, he could have been employing the principles of Aikido… going with the flow and letting the opposing force make things easier.

As hard as that can be to conceive sometimes, and even harder to act on, I personally think it will always get us farther ahead in life.

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